Wyoming Department of Transportation

Executive Staff

WYDOT Executive Staff

Leadership for WYDOT is provided by the director and a team of division administrators who together make up the agency's executive staff.

WYDOT provides numerous services to the traveling public and performs a wide range of transportation-related functions, and the responsibilities of the executive staff reflect that diversity. Maintaining highways, providing law enforcement on the roadways, supporting aviation and providing motor vehicle and driver licensing services, and these are just a few of WYDOT's many functions.

Executive Staff Members

  • Overall the leadership for WYDOT is provided by Director Bill Panos and his executive staff team who administer agency divisions: Gregg Fredrick (Chief Engineer), Dennis Byrne (Aeronautics), Keith Fulton (Engineering and Planning), Tom Loftin (Support Services), Ken Shultz (Operations), and Col. Kebin Haller (Highway Patrol administrator).

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