Wyoming Department of Transportation


Interoperability Executive Committee

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Interoperability policy development
  • Subscriber outreach
  • PSCC rules development
  • Contracts


To provide professional communications system with compatibility and availability of common communication paths for all public safety radio users.


  • Skip Hornecker, Chair
  • William Walter
  • Brandon Kelley
  • Perry Jones

Adjunct SMEs:

  • Craig Post
  • Major Jason Allen
  • Jim Archered
  • Robert Wilson
  • Bryan Morehouse
  • Carl Freeman
  • Cy Cass
  • Robin Etienne
  • Jim Frank

Adjunct SMEs are Subject Matter Experts or special interested parties skilled in the technical or business functions of radio communications and made available to the PSCC by their parent agency or organization. Their function is to participate in the Working Group in support of the PSCC member appointed to head the Group.

Special Liaison:

  • Martin McCoy, WyoLink Support Manager

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