Wyoming Department of Transportation
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State Agency Law Enforcement Communications System working group

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Communication interface between PSCC, WYDOT-SALECS, existing user groups and potential new users.
  • Advise PSCC on SALECS operations, dispatch reports, membership, costs and procedures. Coordinate and resolve issues related to WyoLink implementation
  • Consult with WYDOT concerning equipment replacement upgrades and compatibility during the phased implementation of WyoLink.


  • Jimmy Siler, Chairman
  • Bill Westerfield
  • Mike Choma

Adjunct SMEs:

  • Troy McLees
  • Larry Sheridan

Adjunct SMEs are Subject Matter Experts or special interested parties skilled in the technical or business functions of radio communications and made available to the PSCC by their parent agency or organization. Their function is to participate in the Working Group in support of the PSCC member appointed to head the Group.

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