Wyoming Department of Transportation
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Next Meeting Agenda

Wyoming Transportation Commission Aug. 18, 2016 Agenda

7 a.m. breakfast at The Plains Hotel, Range A Room, Information Supplied

Business Meeting

Department of Transportation

5300 Bishop Blvd.


Convene 8:30 a.m.

Delegation:  Patty Smith, Owner, Bar-S Services, Inc.

1.       Pledge of Allegiance

2.       Changes/Additions to Agenda

3.       July 21 Minutes

a.   Telecon Business Meeting

4.       Correspondence

5.       Old Business

6.       Informal Hearing - Bar S Services, Inc.

7.       Director’s Report

8.       Chief Financial Officer’s Report

a.   Budget Report

b.  Equipment and Supplies Bids

9.       Chief Engineer’s Report

10.    Engineering and Planning Report

a.   Award of Contracts

b.  Project Authorizations

c.   Right-of-Way Matters

(1)   Resolution: Project 0231004-01,

 Shop Site/Huron Street Land

 Relinquishment, Albany County

(2)   Land Sale: Various Parcels, US

Highway 14 Alternate, State

Highway 114, Cody - Powell, Park


d.  Outdoor Advertising Matter

e.   Other

11.    Highway Patrol Report

12.    Aeronautics Report

13.    Support Services Report

14.    Operations Report

15.    September 15 Meeting

a.   September 14 Budget Presentation

16.    General Matters

17.    Executive Session

18.    Adjourn

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