Wyoming Department of Transportation

Next Meeting Agenda

Agenda For Upcoming Commission Meeting


    May 28, 2015  (Teleconference)

    Convene 8:30 a.m. 


    1.      Pledge of Allegiance


      2.    Changes/Additions to Agenda


      3.    April 16 Minutes

       a.   Breakfast Meeting

       c.   Business Meeting

       d.   Education Session


      4.    Correspondence


      5.    Old Business


      6.    Director's Report


      7.    Budget Report


      8.    Chief Engineer's Report


      8.    Engineering and Planning Reporrt

       a.   Award of Contracts  

       b.   Project Authorizations

       c.   Other


    10.    Highway Patrol Report


     11.    Aeronautics Report


      12.    Support Services Report


      13.   Operations Report

        a.   Equipment and Supplies Bids

         b.  Other


       14.   June 18 Meeting


       15.    General Matters


        16.    Executive Session

           a.  Legal Matters












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