Wyoming Department of Transportation

Next Meeting Agenda

Agenda For Upcoming Commission Meeting


    January 15,  2015

    7:00 a.m. -- Breakfast at the Plains Hotel, Range Room A, Information Supplied


    8:30 a.m. -- Convene Business Meeting
    Department of Transportation  -- 5300 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne
    Rod Liesinger, Sheridan County Public Works Director
    Bob McLaurin, Town Manager, Jackson
    Lary and Bob Ayres, Ayres & Baker Post and Pole, Mountain View
    Max Carre, ESGR; Col. Harold Walker, Army Guard; Lt. Col. Ryan Scofield, Air Guard, 11:30 a.m.

      1.      Pledge of Allegiance


      2.    Changes/Additions to Agenda


      3.    December 11, 2014 Minutes

       a.   Lunch Meeting  

       b.   Business Meeting


      4.    Correspondence


      5.    Old Business

              a.  Sheridan County CRIP Funding

                            Request for Holloway Avenue


      6.    Director's Report


      7.    Budget Report


      a.   First-Quarter Budget Revision

      b.   Monthly Report


      8.    Chief Engineer's Report

              a.  Funding for Jackson Landslide 


      9.    Engineering and Planning Report

       a.   Award of Contracts

                       b.   Project Authorizations
                       c.   First-Quarter STIP Addendum

        d.   Other


    10.    Highway Patrol Report


    11.    Aeronautics Report


    12.    Support Services Report


    13.    Operations Report

      a.   Equipment and Supplies Bids

      b.   Other    


    14.    February 19 Meeting


    15.    General Matters


    16.    Executive Session

      a.  Legal Matters




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