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August 2014 Airports' Planning, Construction, & Air Service Updates

August 2014 Airports' Planning, Construction & Air Service Updates



NADIN Connection for Non-federal AWOS:  Project is in the closeout phase.  BDO

Statewide Communications Project:  Project is in the closeout phase. BDO

Pavement Management: The new format of pavement management plans have been distributed to all airport sponsors and their consultants. These should greatly facilitate the evaluation of project requests involving pavement. Pavement Condition Index maps reflecting the 2014 inspection have been incorporated into the plans. CLB

Runway Profiler: Baseline profiling is complete for the winter frost heave analysis. A comparison profile will be conducted this summer to compare the freeze thaw cycle relationships with the summer conditions. These airports are Pinedale, Big Piney, Afton, Kemmerer, Ft. Bridger, and Evanston. TPD

2014 Statewide Crack Seal: Construction started on May 5th at Buffalo and continued to Casper, Cheyenne, Lander, Pine Bluffs, and Wheatland. Completion of the project is scheduled late September. TPD

GIS Webpage: Currently, staff is working with WYDOT’s GIS department to inter-face our data base to a basic viewer via a web portal for the general public. An additional and separate controlled access viewer will be available to our consultants and airport managers. TPD

2014 Design Standards Inventory Update:  Jviation was selected to perform the update.  The final scope and fee proposal is being reviewed.  BDO

2014 5010 inspections: Final inspections for 2014 were conducted the week of August 11, 2014. GH

WACIP Equipment, Design, and Construction Projects:  Listed below are projects currently in progress and grouped by project manager.

  • Afton – Relocate and Upgrade AWOS: Contract was awarded to Mountain West Electric, Inc in the amount of $173,456.25.  Reconstruct Access Road and Apron: Work has started.  Extend T/W “A” North and Upgrade Lighting:  Work has started.
  • Buffalo – Construct Taxilane: Work is approximately 90% done.
  • Casper – Construct Customs Office:  Design phase.  Rehab TW’s A, B1 & C:  Project was awarded to Hedquist Construction of Casper, WY for $6,796,026.80.  Work has started.
  • Cheyenne – Rubber Removal R/W 9/27 and Mark Pavements: Bid Schedules I and II were awarded to Maxwell Asphalt of Salt Lake City, UT in the amount of $304,855.00 and Bid Schedule III to Modern Electric Co. of Casper, WY in the amount of $99,370.00.  Rubber removal and marking work is finished.  Electrical work is ongoing.
  • Cody – Rehab Runway 4/22: Work has started.
  • Dubois –Runway Realignment: Work has started.
  • Evanston – Reconstruct Apron: Contract was awarded to Consolidated Paving and Concrete of Ogden, UT in the amount of $408,531.62.  Work has started.
  • Gillette – Realign Airport Access Road: Contract was awarded to Simon Contractors Inc. of Cheyenne, WY in the amount of $776,617.17.  Work has started.
  • Greybull – Reconstruct Main Apron Ph. I: Bids are being reviewed.
  • Kemmerer – Rehab Apron and Relocate Fuel System to meet FAA Design Standards:  Project was advertised, however, no bids were received.
  • Laramie – New Fixed Base Operator/Pilots Planning Building: Contract was awarded to GH Phipps in the amount of $1,542,00.00.  Replace PAPI R/W 3, Windsock Equipment, Replace REILS:  A bid has been received and is being reviewed.
  • Newcastle – Rehab R/W:  Project is being advertised.
  • Rawlins – Rehab R/W 10/28:  The project will be rebid early next spring.
  • Rock Springs – Rehab R/W 9/27, Design Only:  In progress.
  • Saratoga – Reconstruct, Rehab and Extend Access T/L’s and Rehab T/W “C”:  Contract was awarded to STC Construction, Inc of Cheyenne in the amount of $611,262.50.  Project will be constructed in the spring of 2015.
  • Sheridan – Expand SRE Building:  Contract was awarded to KWN Construction of Sheridan, WY in the amount of $644,232.30.  Work has started.
  • Thermopolis – Construct New Airport Phase II (Earthwork, Drainage, Paving & Electrical): Work has resumed.  Construct New Airport Phase III (Taxiway and Apron):  Work has started.  BDO
  • Riverton – Dump Truck and Plow: Final report and project closeout are under way.
  • Pinedale – Purchase SRE (Carrier Vehicle, Rotary Plow and Broom): Project awarded to Kodiak America in the amount of $402,350.
  • Pine Bluffs – Maintenance Tractor: Notice to Proceed was issued June 1, 2014 with 180 working days allowed by contract.
  • Rock Springs - ARFF Truck and Accessories: The apparent low bidder for this project was Rosenbauer for the truck and E-One for all auxiliary equipment.

Operations Vehicles: Two airports Cody and Casper will be pursuing operations vehicles this year. Cody is in process of having theirs delivered and Casper will wait until new bids are received by WYDOT in November. both will be "piggy-back" purchases.  GH

  • Dixon - Seal Coat and Marking - Construction Contract was awarded to American Road Maintenance from Illinois.
  • Hulett – Pavement Maintenance:  Low bidder is American Road Maintenance from Illinois. Recommendation for award is under review.
  • Sheridan - Marking Project: Airport is currently in the process of purchasing the paint and glass beads.
  • Worland - Access Gate Project: Project: Currently in the design stage.TD

PLANNING: Christy Yaffa

Planning, Land and Environmental Projects:  Planning projects that are currently underway:

  • Afton – The Land Acquisition project for AWOS relocation is nearing completion.
  • Big Piney – The project for Land and Easement Acquisition has been approved and will be starting. The scope of work for the master plan project has been submitted and approved by FAA and staff.
  • Casper – The master plan is approximately 65% complete.  The wildlife assessment is nearing 80% complete for the field survey portion of the project and has been reviewed by staff. The Wildlife Management Plan has not yet started. The AGIS portion of the master plan is now complete.
  • Cheyenne – The Sustainable Management Plan Scope has been approved by FAA and the airport has started consultant selection.
  • Douglas – The draft ALP is being reviewed by staff and the FAA.
  • Dubois – Final settlement on one parcel is nearing completion.
  • FT. Bridger – The Master Plan consultants have presented preliminary alternatives for FAA and staff review.
  • Gillette – The Airport is pursuing the purchase of a box hangar. The Appraisal and Review Appraisal have been received by staff and the FAA.
  • Green River – The Master Plan project is underway, a third public meeting will be held this month.
  • Jackson – FAA has approved the final ALP drawings portion of the Operations Enhancement Study and final delivery of these documents are expected soon.  The Part 150 Noise Study has started.
  • Lander – An alternative to the land acquisition project has been sent to the Division. Planning consultants have been selected and a new master plan will be developed for the airport.
  • Pine Bluffs - The Sponsor has selected planning consultants and will begin the master plan process.
  • Rawlins - The Terminal Area Plan has started, the Sponsor and consultants have met with FAA and Staff to review proposed preliminary documents.
  • Rock Springs – The Master Plan is approximately 80% complete.  The Wildlife Hazard Assessment project is approximately 50% complete.
  • Saratoga – The master plan project is nearing completion. The project is approximately 95% complete.
  • Sheridan – The master plan is approximately 60% complete. The Land acquisition and Easement project is nearing completion.
  • Thermopolis – The County has purchased the property for the replacement airport. The process is still underway to identify the affected landowner facilities to be relocated.
  • Torrington –The initial start-up meeting for the new master plan was held and the project is underway. A review of the master plan working paper number two was held with staff and the FAA.
  • Wheatland – The Town is going forward with land acquisition projects. Their consultant has received FAA approval for the EA process and will help the town with the land acquisition; Appraisals are nearing completion. JM


  • Cheyenne, Laramie, Riverton, Sheridan and Worland:  Enplanements in Cheyenne and Riverton continue to trend well below the 10,000 mark, while Sheridan is currently forecasting slightly above. Traffic in these communities has decreased 56%, 30% and 24% respectively year over year. These numbers will continue to decline as Great Lakes transitions all of its aircraft to the 9 seat configuration. Laramie is forecasted well above the 10,000 mark and traffic is up 5% year over year. Passenger growth in Laramie is expected to continue through 2015 when they are potentially transitioned to regional jet service.
  • Gillette and Rock Springs:  Passengers under contract in Gillette are up over 14% when compared to 2013, and Rock Springs passengers under contract are up 2%.
  • Statewide:  Passenger retention has decreased by 5% in the sate of Wyoming through the end of May 2014. Riverton, Sheridan and Worland all saw a double digit percent loss in passengers leaked to other states/airports.  Statewide capacity remains steady year over year, however that is forecasted to decline to -6%. Cheyenne and Riverton continue their forecasted year over year capacity decline at -54% and -13% respectively.


  • Evanston Uinta County Airport Air Show – August 23, 2014
  • Lander Airport Fly-In – September 6, 2014, Hunt Field.
  • Ralph Wenz Field Fly-In and Pancake Breakfast – September 6, 2014. 
  • Glendo Airport Air Show and Fly-In - September 7, 2014

If members of the Commission are interested in attending events or meetings, or would like information regarding these activities, please contact the Division.

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