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Flying Vs. Driving


Let me count the ways.

Imagine someone in the passenger seat of your car offering you a beverage when you were thirsty, a blanket if you were cold, or a pillow when you're sleepy. Who wouldn’t want someone to take the wheel so you could get a nap in, or finish up some last-minute work?

The reality is that these things just aren’t available when you drive yourself. That’s why we love to fly. With 10 convenient airports located conveniently across Wyoming, flying just makes more sense. And hey, a lot of the time, it's even faster. 

Driving vs. Flying 


Riverton to Denver

Riverton to Denver

In your pocket

Travel Costs:

$481.99 $340.00 $141.99

Travel Time:

13 hours 4.5 hours 8.5 hours

Backseat Drivers:

Up to 3 0 8 – 12 aspirin

Bathroom Breaks:

2-4 1 Squatting 1 to 3 times

Gas Station Food Costs:

$56.03 0 $56.03 plus money for antacid


* These are all based on the 2007 IRS mileage and hotel rates, internet research, things we just thought of and approximations for a round trip. It's an exercise to get you to rethink flying. Don't quote us on it.

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