Wyoming Department of Transportation

Planning, Grants & Loans

Planning and Programming


Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Planning and Programming Program is to ensure development of a safe, long-term viable statewide system of airports.

Program Description:

The program is comprised of four staff members who:

  • Initiate, compile and monitor activities of the Aeronautics Commission.
  • Initiate, develop, monitor and maintain statewide airport capital improvement projects
  • Maintain, release and approve grants and loans
  • Ensure each Wyoming airport maintains approved long range planning and environmental documents for sustainable airport facilities throughout the state.

Program Goals:

  1. Plan safe and secure airports   

  2. Exercise good stewardship of our resources

  3. Enhance an integrated aviation system

Contact Information:

Christy Yaffa - Manager, 777-3956

Merri Burkett - Grants Specialist, 777-3959

John Mahoney - Senior Planner, 777-3972

Gretchen Eichstadt - Planning Intern, 777-4807


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