Wyoming Department of Transportation

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Plan


The Wyoming Aeronautics Division is responsible for developing an effective statewide aviation capital improvement program. To accomplish this task, the division has developed a budgeting process using a document called the Wyoming Aviation Capital Improvement Program (WACIP). The WACIP is a compilation of all anticipated  improvement projects for each public airport in Wyoming.

The WACIP is a similar program to the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The WACIP differs from the CIP in that it includes state and local only projects.

Sources for the WACIP include airport planning efforts such as Master Plans and Airport Layout Plans, the FAA's CIP and continuous input and communications with Wyoming airport sponsors. The WACIP is usually presented to the Aeronautics Commission monthly for approval of modifications. 

For more information, contact Christy Yaffa at (307) 777-3956.

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