Rates and Charges Survey Now Available

Airports offer many useful products and services to the general flying public, but it can be a challenge for airport managers to set appropriate price levels. Effectively pricing these services is important since many airports rely on them as a major income source to support their operations. Therefore, airport managers must set competitive and economically viable price levels for their services and products. Unfortunately, often times it’s not easily known how one airport’s prices compare to similar airports’ prices. To assist airport managers with this process, the WYDOT Aeronautics Division periodically conducts a Rates and Charges survey. This survey collects and distributes rates and charges information from all of Wyoming’s publically owned airports and from many of the airports in neighboring states. 

The last Rates and Charges Guide was published in 2011, so much of the data collected is now out of date. Accordingly, WYDOT Aeronautics staff are conducting a new survey to update the Rates and Charges Guide. The 2018 survey aims to be the most comprehensive and user friendly to date. This electronic survey will allow airport managers to provide in-depth information pertaining to a wide array of income generating products, services and facilities at their airports. Topics surveyed include Terminal Concessions/Advertising Fees, Tie-Down/Ramp Fees, Hangar Rentals, FBO Facilities, Ground Leases, Insurance and everything else in-between. Aeronautics staff will compile and prepare the collected data and finally publish both an executive summary and the raw data to the public. The information will be accessible to all airports that participated in the survey, as well as the general public, through this website.  

The electronic survey can be found at the link below. We ask that all participating airports complete and submit their survey by August 31st, 2018.

2018 Rates and Charges Guide Survey