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Grant Information

Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent  is the request or application for federal traffic safety project funds managed by the Highway Safety Program. The letter is required by April 15th from each interested traffic safety partner for consideration in the next federal fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.

Grant Contract Management Manual

The Grant Management Manual contains official policy and procedures required of, and established by, the Highway Safety Program and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It has been developed to assist state and local agencies in the administration of highway safety projects. Instructions for preparing highway safety project applications and forms are also provided.

Problem Identification & Performance Measures

The “Wyoming Highway Safety Problem Identification" is compiled for an in-depth analysis of Traffic Safety Program areas and locations that would be directly eligible for federal highway safety funding consideration. Crash analysis is to determine trends, over representation, problem locations, and comparisons with state and national occurrences. The general topic areas include occupant protection, alcohol, speed, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

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Highway Safety Plan

The Wyoming Department of Transportation's Highway Safety Grant Program’s goal is to reduce traffic crashes, deaths, injuries and the associated economic losses in Wyoming through the coordinated efforts of state, local agencies and other safety partners. The Highway Safety Program provides project funding to help achieve stated program goals and objectives which address identified highway safety problems. Priorities of safety effort and location are based on projects with the greatest likelihood to impact crash and injury reduction.

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Annual Report

The Annual Report summarizes the Highway Safety Plan activities and monies spent during that fiscal year.

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The annual Seat Belt Observational Survey provides statistically reliable observational data on seat belt use in Wyoming.

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The annual Attitude and Awareness Survey is to assess many aspects of licensed Wyoming driver attitudes, opinions, knowledge and behaviors.

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Governor's Leadership Team to Prevent Impaired Driving

Strategic Plan to Reduced Impaired Driving in Wyoming - September 2010


Alcohol and Crime in Wyoming


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