Wyoming Department of Transportation

Driver Fitness

Should you be driving?

Fitness for safely operating a motor vehicle in Wyoming is not age-related, nor is it gender-based. Many factors come into play when assessing whether or not a person should be behind the wheel of a vehicle; a vehicle that could easily injure or end the life of another person.

Our state is less populated than other states, thus it affords drivers the luxury of wide open spaces and less traffic congestion. This does not preclude the need for drivers to meet fitness standards. Driver examiners are responsible for keeping as many unsafe drivers off the road as possible. The challenge of this responsibility is that many good and safe drivers must be tested from time to time, as well as those who are referred because of crashes or other driving-related problems.

Driver fitness affects everyone on the road. If you drive while fatigued or angry, you may be unsafe behind the wheel. Drivers who take medications for various reasons, or suffer from illness or disease put themselves and others at risk if they operate a motor vehicle when experiencing adverse symptoms of their medical condition.  Having difficulty with focusing or reading signs is dangerous when you are driving on an interstate, or at a fast rate of speed. Some visual conditions interfere with a driver's ability to see small objects in or on the side of the road, such as a child or animal. 

Driver fitness is not just the responsibility of Driver Services, or a driver examiner; it is YOUR responsibility!  
When you sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, be sure that you are "fit" to drive safely.  

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