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Driver Fitness FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 307-777-4800. Some of the more frequently asked questions are as follows:

Do you supply a vehicle for the testing?  No, you will be tested in your own vehicle. The vehicle you choose to take your testing in must be: 

  • legally licensed, registered, and insured; 
  • equipped with seat belts for both the driver and the front-seat passenger;
  • in good working condition - brakes and brake lights, head and tail lights, horn, doors must be able to be opened from the inside, windshield must not have cracks that obstruct the driver's vision, windshield wipers and tires must not be frayed or bulging.

Who referred me for a re-examination?  Referrals for re-examination come from a variety of sources such as law enforcement, medical professionals, vision specialists, the court system, accident records, concerned family members and the public. Referrals are not confidential; therefore, Driver Services will reveal to you who referred you to the re-examination process. A copy of the referral document will be released to the Office of Administrative Hearings during the hearing process should you dispute the referral, or if it is subpoenaed by the court or your lawyer. Generally, the referral document is not released to the driver.

Where do I go for the re-examination?  Generally, you will be required to come to your local driver exam office for testing; however, for individuals who require only limited areas in which to drive, the examiner will come to your home and commence the re-examination from that point.  

If I fail, how many times can I re-test?   Re-examinations are scheduled; therefore, if you fail due to too many driving errors, you will need to reschedule with the exam office. If you fail the re-examination twice due to driving errors, or if the examiner terminates your driving skills test for any reason, your driver license will be cancelled. The examiner will discuss all driving errors and/or reasons for terminating the driving test with you.  If failure results in the cancellation of your driver license, written notice of cancellation will be sent to you in the mail.  

Does failing the re-examination always mean cancelling my license?   Not always. When failure is due to too many driving errors or poor driving habits, the examiner may ask you if you want to be issued a learner's permit so that you can "practice" driving with another licensed driver in the car with you. This other driver can point out poor driving habits or errors that are correctable. After a minimum of 3 months of driving on a learner's permit, you may reschedule your driving skills test with the exam office. Learner's permits are valid for one year.

What other options do I have if I fail the re-examination?  If the examiner recommends cancellation of your driver's license, you will be sent a letter of cancellation in the mail. This letter will explain your rights to appeal the examiner's decision.    

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