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Minimum Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications for Driving

There are minimum qualification standards established nationwide for safe operation of a motor vehicle. Wyoming has adopted the minimum standards indicated below for licensing drivers.

Non-Commercial Drivers  

1)  Visual acuity must be at least 20/100 or better with or without lenses:

  • If your visual acuity is worse than 20/40 in one or both eyes, with or without lenses, you must be restricted to operating a motor vehicle with left and right rearview mirrors. Drivers with a visual acuity of 20/50 or worse with both eyes, are required to complete a driving skills test if they have not completed one with their current visual acuity rating.
  • If you must wear prescription glasses or contacts to meet the minimum visual acuity standard of 20/100 or better, you must be restricted to operating a motor vehicle while wearing prescription glasses or contacts.

2)  Total Combined Horizontal Field of Vision must be 120 degrees with both eyes:

  • If you do not have vision in one eye, but have a vision in the other eye, you may be required to have your vision specialist test your field of vision to assure you meet this minimum standard. The vision specialist is required to complete a Vision Evaluation Form.

3)  Medical fitness for driving:  If you have a medical condition that results in a loss, interruption, or lapse of consciousness and/or motor function you must submit written verification (Medical Evaluation Form) from your treating physician that you have had no loss of consciousness and/or motor function for at least one year; or that your medical condition has been controlled and no episodes have been experienced for a minimum of three months; or your medical condition no longer exists. 

  • If your medical condition has resulted in the loss of a limb, or you are otherwise unable to fully use your arms and legs, you may be required to complete a re-examination (Retesting) so that the examiner may determine the proper restrictions, if any, to be placed on your driver license.  Loss of a limb due to an accident may also result in re-examination for licensing purposes.
  • If your treating physician recommends that you be tested by a driver examiner to determine your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, you will be required to pass a driving skills test.  
  • If the examiner observes you have difficulty with walking, sitting, standing, speaking, or you have any difficulty completing the application form, you may be required to complete the re-examination (Retesting) process.

Mandatory Cancellation of Driving Privileges:

  1. Your visual acuity and/or total combined horizontal field of vision no longer meets the standards listed above.
  2. Your vision specialist notifies Driver Services that your vision no longer allows you to see well enough to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  3. Loss, interruption, or lapse of consciousness and/or motor function is grounds to cancel your Wyoming driver's license for a minimum period of (3) months.
  4. Your treating physician notifies Driver Services that your medical condition has deteriorated to the point that you are unable to safely operate a motor vehicle.  

You will be notified by mail if your driver's license and driving privileges will be cancelled. You have the right to appeal this action through the Office of Administrative Hearings. The letter you are sent will explain your rights and the process for a hearing.  

Commercial (CDL) Drivers

1)  FMCSA requires a minimum visual acuity standard of 20/40 with both eyes, with or without lenses.

2)  FMCSA requires a total combined horizontal field of vision minimum of 140 degrees (70 degrees in each eye).

3)  Medical Fitness for Driving: You must be able to pass a DOT physical and be issued a Federal DOT Medical Certificate to be issued a commercial driver license that is not restricted to "intrastate driving only."  If you cannot meet all the physical requirements to pass the examination, your DOT certified physician can choose to restrict you to "intrastate driving only" on the DOT card, or deny issuance of the certificate. Driver Services cannot issue you an unrestricted CDL driver's license without a valid Federal DOT Medical Certificate - unless you are in one of the "exempt" categories. 

  • Exempt Categories:  Active-duty military and government employees in the course of their daily business activities only.

If you do not meet the above vision and medical standards, you may be eligible to apply to FMCSA for a waiver to operate a commercial vehicle. To verify your eligibility to apply, contact FMCSA in Cheyenne at (307) 772-2305.  

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