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Driver Services conducts re-examinations of individuals referred by law enforcement, medical and vision specialists, therapists, the courts and concerned family members. Applying for a handicap placard may also alert an examiner to a condition that may result in the need to assess your fitness to drive. Examiners in every Driver Service's office are trained to evaluate a person's driving fitness; first by observation, second by reviewing medical and vision evaluations and third by conducting a re-examination. A re-examination generally consists of: 

  • Medical and/or vision evaluations submitted by your doctor(s)
  • Written testing
  • Driving Skills testing

Medical Evaluation and Vision Evaluation

Assessing a person's physical, mental and visual health are important factors in the re-examination process, and in making a decision whether or not a person meets the standards necessary to SAFELY operate a motor vehicle. These standards are not age-related, and are accepted nationwide as the norm for safe driving. You will be asked to have your medical specialist and/or vision specialist complete an evaluation form given to you at the time you are notified of a required re-examination. It is very important that these forms be completed in a timely fashion so that your driver license is not cancelled because a request for information was not complied with. 

Written Testing

A written test is given so that the driver examiner may evaluate whether or not you are knowledgeable about certain traffic signs and regulations. This test is a valuable tool for the examiner to assess whether or not you are aware of what certain traffic signs require a driver to do. No one wants to penalize you on a road test because you were unaware of what a particular traffic sign meant or because you broke a traffic rule or regulation that you did not know about.  

Wyoming's Q-test system consists of questions related to the class of license you wish to retain. It also will contain questions regarding seat-belt usage and other laws related to driving on Wyoming roads. If you are not familiar with Wyoming's laws for operating a motor vehicle, you should study the appropriate manual for the type of vehicle you are being licensed for.

Driving Skills Testing

A driving test is given to assess whether or not you are safely operating a motor vehicle. This test is the most important of all because you are given an opportunity to demonstrate to the examiner how good a driver you really are. Many individuals who have disabilities or challenges physically and visually are great drivers because they know how to compensate for any limitations they may have. A driving skills test is often a learning experience for both the driver and the examiner. 

You are required to furnish your own vehicle for a driving skills test. Before your driving test you should make sure that your vehicle is:

  • legally licensed, registered, and insured 
  • equipped with seat belts for both the driver and the front-seat passenger
  • in good working condition - brakes and brake lights, head and tail lights, horn, doors must be able to be opened from the inside, windshield must not have cracks that obstruct the driver's vision, windshield wipers and tires must not be frayed or bulging
The skills test route consists of intersections, stop lights, and various other situations that test your driving skills. You should be prepared to demonstrate your ability to drive safely in all types of driving conditions. If you do not speak English well, an interpreter is allowed on a re-examination skills test for a non-commercial license. Failure to obey state law is grounds for an "automatic failure" of your skills test.  
The driver examiner will go over the results of the re-examination with you after all the tests have been completed:
  • If you pass the driving skills test, the examiner will explain what restrictions, if any, need to be added to your driver's license. 
  • If you do not pass the skills test for an accumulation of errors or because of an "automatic failure" you may ask the examiner about the possibility of being issued a learner's permit to practice driving with another licensed driver until you can operate your vehicle in a safer manner. A learner's permit is valid for one year and may be renewed as many times as necessary. 
  • If you do not pass the skills test and the examiner determines that you cannot operate a motor vehicle safely and should not be driving, your license will be recommended for cancellation. You will be sent a letter giving you an opportunity to request a "hearing" regarding the results of the test and the examiner's decision. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the re-examination process, please feel free to call a representative at 307-777-4810 option # 5.

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