Types of Suspensions and/or Revocations

  1. Administrative Per Se
  2. Child Support
  3. Compulsory Insurance
  4. DWUI
  5. Financial Responsibility
  6. Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  7. Moving Violation   
  8. Non- Resident Violator Compact
  9. Reckless Driving
  10. Refusal
  11. Theft of Fuel
  12. Transporting Liquor to a Minor
  13. Uninsured Accident  
  14. Youthful Driver/Detectable Alcohol

Withdrawal Definitions

What is the difference between a suspension and a revocation?

After a suspension is over you can get your old driver's license back if it is still valid. A revocation cancels your driver's license, and you must go through an investigation to be re-licensed once the revocation is over. The offenses that will cause a revocation are: 1) 3rd or subsequent DWUI; 2) leaving the scene of an injury accident; 3) homicide by vehicle; 4) felony that is a direct result of the manner of driving; 5) third or subsequent reckless driving conviction.

What is the difference between a mandatory suspension and an indefinite suspension?

A mandatory suspension has a definite suspension period that Wyoming law requires your driving privilege to be suspended for. An indefinite suspension has no end date. It is up to you to take the necessary action to stop the suspension. If you submit the proper paperwork prior to the start date of an indefinite suspension, the suspension will be deleted from your record. A probationary driver's license cannot be issued for an indefinite suspension because you do not have to be suspended. Examples of indefinite suspensions are nonresident violator compact suspension, uninsured accident suspension,  no insurance suspension and financial responsibility suspension.