Non-Resident Violator Compact Suspension Requirements

Non-resident Violator Compact Suspension - pay the fine and costs of the citation to the court and submit a court-issued receipt to your DMV.


  What is a nonresident violator compact suspension and why am I suspended for it if I am a resident of Wyoming and I received the ticket in Wyoming?

  • Nonresident violator compact is the name of the law that ensures equal treatment of nonresidents and residents. When a person is stopped and issued a citation by law enforcement, the officer can let the person continue on his/her way without making that person post a bond for the fine. If the person later fails to pay the fine, or go to court on the scheduled court date, the person's licensing state will suspend his/her driver's license until the person complies with the terms of the citation. It is up to the states that are members of the Nonresident Violator Compact whether or not to apply it to residents. Wyoming chose to apply the compact to residents as well as nonresidents.