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MTM 842_0 - Field Emulsion Viscosity Test

Field Emulsion Viscosity Test Training Video

The following training video shows how to perform the Field Emulsion Viscosity Test.  This test is described in the updated February 2012, WYDOT Materials Testing Manual (MTM), Section 842.0.  Karen McKnight, a technician in the Asphalt Section of the WYDOT Materials Program (Cheyenne) will demonstrate the test.  The test is very quick and easy to perform.  Perform this test for each load of CRS-2 and CRS-2P emulsion delivered to a WYDOT project.  The results for each test are recorded on Form T-169.  Repeat the test when a test result falls outside of the ranges listed in Tables 1 and 2 in MTM 842.0.

It is very important to document each field test with comments on Form T-169.  These comments can help to correlate test results to any problems involving the placement of the emulsified asphalt (e.g., drilling, chip loss, spray bar plugged, etc.).  These comments are needed to determine if the viscosity ranges in Tables 1 and 2 are appropriate when this test is used for field acceptance/rejection of emulsion in the near future (2013 or 2014).  For the 2012 construction season, the goal is to collect as much field data as possible.

Forward a copy of test results each week to the WYDOT Materials Program.  If you have any questions about the test, please contact Bruce Morgenstern, P.E. at the WYDOT Materials Program at 307-777-4271.

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