Wyoming Department of Transportation

Sale Signs, Vending Not Allowed Within State Right of Way

Date: 05/27/2009 


Each summer brings various vendors to the area and it also brings garage and yard sales. Both vendors and sellers have one thing in common - it’s not okay to sell or place signs within the state right of way.  

The Wyoming Department of Transportation reminds everyone that the placement of signs, whether for political campaigns, advertisements, real estate or garage sales, is not allowed inside state highway right of way. Additionally, parking used cars for sale, selling blankets, fruit or vegetables or any kind of vending is also prohibited within the right of way.
“No signs of any kind are allowed within interstate right of way or within state highway right of way outside the city limits and only campaign signs are allowed within city limits,” said Jeff Goetz, WYDOT District 2 public involvement specialist.
“We follow a city’s ordinance when it comes to placing campaign signs along the right of way within the city limits. If a town does not have a sign ordinance, campaign signs must be temporary, not mounted on pipes or large posts or mounted on something where a post hole has to be drilled.”
Typically, only signs mounted on wire or small stakes are allowed and they cannot be larger than four feet in any dimension. They also cannot be placed over two months prior to the election.
No signs of any kind are allowed at any WYDOT office site, parking area, maintenance yard or on any other WYDOT property. Any signs found improperly located on WYDOT right of way or property will be removed and taken to the District 2 office at 900 Bryan Stock Trail in Casper. Signs will be available for pick up for five days after removal. Signs not picked up after five days will be discarded.
Anyone seeing an improperly placed sign can notify WYDOT by calling (307) 473-3303.
For more information or to obtain a copy of this press release, contact
Jeff Goetz, District 2 public involvement specialist, at (307) 473-3303.
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