Wyoming Department of Transportation

District 2 striping season coming to a close

Date: 09/23/2009 


Wyoming Department of Transportation striping crews will be working in Niobrara and Goshen counties the next two weeks, drawing to a close their season of making Wyoming’s highways more visible.
Crews will be completing work in Niobrara County for the remainder of this week, striping areas that were patched or where the existing striping has faded. Next week (Sept. 28), crews will be in Goshen County performing similar operations.
Striping is an important part of WYDOT’s overall effort to keep Wyoming’s highways safe. Striping paint helps to keep the outer edges of a road visible, as well as its center. However, during striping operations, motorists need to be aware the process is slow and are cautioned to drive carefully when approaching or passing a striping operation.
Stripers travel at a mere 15 mph while applying the paint and travel with a shadow car, which watches for traffic in the area. Drivers are urged to not follow stripers too closely and only pass when it is safe to do so. Striping paint dries fully within three to six minutes.
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