Wyoming Department of Transportation

Mills bridge holds strong against flooding river

Date: 06/06/2011 


MILLS - Though the North Platte River continues its daily rise toward and beyond flood stage, the bridge on Wyoming Boulevard is holding strong against the rising river.

Flows along the North Platte, from below Alcova Reservoir at Gray Reef were at 6,550 cubic feet per second (cfs) as late as Friday, June 1. By the end of this week however, the flow is expected to increase to over 8,000 cfs. Tributaries and snow melt runoff streams could push that figure higher as the river cuts through Casper. At 8,000 cfs, the North Platte is predicted to increase its depth by approximately 1.5 feet through town. In 2010, the river reached a peak flow of just over 7,000 cfs.

Already some isolated flooding in the low-laying areas around Casper is being reported. Residents and businesses along the river have been sandbagging for several weeks. WYDOT District 2 has helped this effort by providing sand in Casper, Mills and Evansville.

At the Wyoming Boulevard bridge, WYDOT crews continue to monitor the rising water level. As of June 3, the river was approximately 4 feet below the bottom of the bridge deck. At this time, it doesn't appear the flooding will impact the bridge.

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