Wyoming Department of Transportation

Flashing yellow turn arrows coming to Casper

Date: 08/22/2011 


In the coming weeks, crews will modify traffic signals at several intersections along Wyoming Boulevard in Casper and Curtis Street in Evansville. The new signals, or signal heads - to be placed where the left turn arrow is currently – will feature four indicators, including the flashing yellow arrow.

The flashing yellow arrows do not change how intersections function. Rather, they’re being installed to give drivers a better sense of when they may make an unprotected left turn.
“This is one way we hope to improve safety at these intersections,” said Jeff Goetz, WYDOT District 2 public relations specialist. “They should give drivers turning left more confidence in when they may turn.”
The flashing yellow arrow replaces the green ball, which now is illuminated following the green turn arrow. It’s a direct message: yield to opposing traffic and pedestrians when the arrow is flashing, before making a left turn.
The modifications to these traffic lights will allow WYDOT to program the signals to more efficiently move traffic. If only one or two cars are waiting to turn left, the green arrow might not activate and instead the flashing yellow arrow would come on, allowing more through-intersection vehicles to pass during each cycle. If the number of vehicles making a left turn is high, the protected left turn can be activated either at the beginning or end of the light cycle.
The flashing yellow arrow signal head replacements are part of a state-wide upgrade being performed by WYDOT. In the Casper area, the new signal heads will be placed on Wyoming Boulevard at the following intersections:
·         Yellowstone Highway (Old Glenrock Highway)
·         Interstate 25 ramps
·         Legion Lane
·         Carriage Lane
·         Blackmore Road
·         12th Street
·         15th Street
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