Wyoming Department of Transportation

Bryan Stock Trail On-Ramp To Close Jan. 31

Date: 01/18/2013 

CASPER – After much consideration and supportive feedback from the public, the Wyoming Department of Transportation will permanently close the Interstate 25 southbound on-ramp at Bryan Stock Trail.

The closure will begin Thursday, Jan. 31. Barricades will be placed at the on-ramp entrance. Motorists currently using this on-ramp are to use the Yellowstone Highway on-ramp to access southbound I-25. All other ramps at Bryan Stock Trail will remain open.

WYDOT is closing the ramp due to safety concerns such as limited sight distance for those on the interstate and those trying to merge into traffic; short acceleration lane to merge into traffic, and the lack of area to rehabilitate the on-ramp.

On Aug. 30, 2012 WYDOT hosted a public meeting to discuss plans to close the ramp. Public support has favored the closure. Those who submitted written comments voiced concern over merging traffic and the limited sight distance.

There were also concerns about potential delays at the railroad tracks on Bryan Stock Trail. WYDOT is looking at options for an active warning device for I-25 to be placed just before the Bryan Stock Trail exit. This would warn those traveling south on I-25 when a train is present. A date for the implementation of the device has not been set.


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