Wyoming Department of Transportation

Helicopters assist WYDOT in Jackson

Date: 07/24/2012 


Jackson, Wyo. The Wyoming Department of Transportation will begin working on installing new snow structures on the hillside south of Jackson this summer. The project was contracted to AIS Construction Company for approximately $2.3 million.
WYDOT and AIS crews will be setting up concrete barriers and other precautions to prevent any falling rock from reaching the road while they work on the project.
During the project, residents will see helicopters in the area helping move equipment up the hill. However, impacts to traffic will be minimal and the road will remain open.
"This won't affect most of the traffic in the area, but we like to let the public know what we are doing, especially when they see helicopters flying overhead," Hammond said.
The project intends to mitigate the avalanche threats in the area by installing the snow structures. The structures will anchor the snow on the steep hillside and prevent it from sliding.
Teton County Resident Engineer for WYDOT Bob Hammond explained that snow sails were being used previously and were not as effective as expected.
In addition to their lack of efficiency, Hammond commented that the sails were also difficult and costly to maintain.
"These snow supporting structures will do the job better," Hammond said.
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