Wyoming Department of Transportation

Reduced speeds on WYO 390

Date: 06/21/2012 

The Wyoming Department of Transportation will be reducing the speed limit during nighttime hours on Wyoming's Highway 390 from milepost 0.0 to milepost 4.0 in hopes that it will reduce the number of nighttime wildlife collisions. 

Recently, Teton County has reported several wildlife collisions with moose this year WYO 390 and wildlife-vehicle collisions continue to pose a serious problem in the area with regard to human safety, wildlife mortality, habitat connectivity, and financial costs.  
The current speed limit on WYO 390 in this section is 45 mph. The new nighttime speed will be 35 mph.
New static signs will be installed this week to inform motorists of the reduced nighttime speed limit. A contract is currently being advertised to install flashing beacons on the signs in order to help define the exact times that the new speed limit will be enforced. 
The flashing beacons will be accompanied by a second sign that adds "When Flashing." Currently, the hours of enforcement will be defined as the period of day 30 minutes after official daily sunset to 30 minutes before official daily sunrise.
The flashing beacon installation expected to begin in August and will be completed by October 31 of this year. The Wyoming Department of Transportation urges motorists to take note of the new nighttime speed and be aware that wildlife could be on the road.
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