Wyoming Department of Transportation

Kemmerer traffic signals removed

Date: 04/25/2012 

Kemmerer, Wyo. The Wyoming Department of Transportation will be removing the traffic signal heads on US 189 at the intersections of Sapphire and Topaz today. The removal will only include the traffic signals and covers, with the support structure remaining.

The lights have been decommissioned since October of last year and are awaiting removal, pending an additional traffic study that will take place this August. Stop signs are currently being utilized at the intersection.
A traffic study is scheduled for August to measure current pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The last study was completed in 2003. Unless there are substantial increases in traffic, the lights will be completely removed, with the exception of the pole and light that illuminates the sidewalk and corner.
“It is WYDOT’s mission to provide a safe, high quality and efficient transportation system for the public. Safety is always our number one focus. The recommended removal of these traffic signals does not compromise this goal,” District Traffic Engineer Damon Newsome said.
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