Wyoming Department of Transportation


The North Sheridan Interchange is one of the largest infrastructure improvement projects in WYDOT history. It will address the biggest challenges and needs facing the North Main Street/North Interstate 90 Interchange area.

NSheridanlogo-web.jpgUpon completion, the North Sheridan Interchange will:

  • Improve public safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Fix deteriorating segments of I-90 and North Main Street
  • Provide direct regional access from I-90 to north Sheridan
  • Establish opportunities for economic growth in north Sheridan
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal of the area for residents and visitors

Ultimately, the North Sheridan Interchange will keep the public safe, spur commerce, and create a beautiful gateway to the Sheridan community.
If you have more questions about the North Sheridan Interchange please visit the FAQ (LINK) page to receive answers to specific questions.