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Flash flood damages Gas Hills Road (Wyoming 136)

Date: 07/09/2009 


Thursday, July 9, 2009
Flash flood damages Gas Hills Road (WYO136)
Maintenance crews from the Wyoming Department of Transportation reacted this week to flash flooding and road damage on Gas Hills Road (WYO 136) east of Riverton.
Large amounts of water resulting from a July 4 rain storm in the Beaver Rim area damaged about 500 feet of the roadway about seven miles east of Riverton on Gas Hills Road.
Since Monday, WYDOT maintenance workers have installed concrete barrier through the area and signs warning WYO 136 travelers of the roadway damage.
“Witnesses Saturday evening (July 4) encountered water flows of nearly three feet above a quarter-mile of the highway for several hours,” said Robin Clapp, WYDOT maintenance foreman in Riverton. “We’ve got about 500 feet of damaged roadway shoulder, and the roadway is washed out in a vertical manner of about 12-14 feet deep. We totally lost about three feet of our roadway shoulder for a couple hundred feet.”
Clapp said fixing the roadway may be a long-term issue, as WYDOT maintenance funds are limited. “The existing pipes are OK, but we are considering installing a third culvert under the highway in the future to handle water flows,” he said.
Clapp encourages drivers of Gas Hills Road to practice safety through the area.
“Be prepared to stop and obey the signs, because we basically have a one-lane road for about 500 feet through that area,” he said. “Please slow down and be vigilant.”
MEDIA: For questions about this news release, contact Cody Beers, WYDOT District 5 public involvement specialist, at 856-1341.
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