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Winter drivers reminded about Authorized Travel Program

Date: 01/17/2012 

Monday, Jan. 16, 2012
Winter drivers reminded about Authorized Travel Program
Wyoming drivers are being reminded about Wyoming Department of Transportation's Authorized Travel Program, which permits motorists to drive on sections of closed roads when authorities judge it is safe to do so.
The program is structured in accordance with Wyoming law 24-1-109, which in certain circumstances allows for exceptions to road closures, most commonly to accommodate drivers traveling to and from their residence or place of employment.
"Motorists should be aware that the WYDOT Authorized Travel Program does not give them blanket authorization to drive on a closed road," said Cody Beers, WYDOT public relations specialist in Riverton.
In 2010-11, 848 Wyoming drivers applied for permission to travel beyond closure points on certain Wyoming highways. Of those, 15 drivers applied for the privilege in Northwest Wyoming.
WYDOT authorization will not be provided for every road closure; when it is, it will be granted in one of three ways (listed by order of convenience):
-- Email/text messages, when the driver applies and is approved to receive email/text message alerts of WYDOT Authorized Travel events and has received permission to travel for the current closure event. For more information and to apply for email/text alerts, go to https://wat.wyoroad.info/wat/alerts.html;
-- Patrol dispatch, when the driver contacts Wyoming Highway Patrol dispatch for permission to travel on the roadway. Permission must be obtained prior to travel and is valid only for the current closure event;
-- In-person method, when the driver is given permission to proceed by a state trooper or WYDOT employee posted at the road closure location. Because these locations are unattended most of the time, this method is not reliable because there may not be WYDOT personnel present to authorize travel.
Wyoming road closures generally fall into two categories:
-- Closed to all traffic: When a roadway is "closed to all traffic," it means that conditions are such that no traffic can be allowed past the road closure location for any reason. This is the most common type of closure and is often the result of severe weather. Anyone traveling past a road closure location will be in violation of the law and subject to legal penalties.
-- Closed with authorized travel: When a roadway is "closed with WYDOT Authorized Travel," it means that a portion of the closed roadway remains passable, and travel, with specific authorization from WYDOT, is being allowed.
For information about this news release, contact WYDOT public relations specialist Cody Beers at (307) 431-1803.

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