Wyoming Department of Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I go to get my driver license?

     WYDOT has 29 driver license examiner stations around the state.


2. What documents do I need to get my driver license?

Security regulations require documents to verify your identity, residence and Social Security number.


3. Where do I go to get my license plates?

Vehicle registration and license plates are handled by county treasurer offices in Wyoming.


4. Where do I get my vehicle titled?

Vehicle titling is handled by county clerk offices in Wyoming.


5. Where can I find road condition and closure information?

WYDOT's 511 Travel Information Service provides information on road and weather conditions, highway closures and advisories via the Internet and telephone by dialing 511.


6. Where can I find Web camera views of conditions on Wyoming highways?

Web camera views of 148 highway sections can be found on the 511 Travel Information Service site.


7. Why is the highway closed when the Web cameras show good conditions?

Web cameras show conditions on only a small fraction of the highways. Conditions only a few miles away may be completely different and not safe for travel. Wyoming's weather patterns are unique. Localized wind events can stretch for a few miles or tens of miles, and are not always visible from cameras or closure gates. WYDOT's plow drivers are out in that weather, working to open the road as soon as possible. However, when there is zero visibility, continued maintenance efforts become fruitless.


8. Why don't I see any snowplows on the highway?

WYDOT has a Snow Control Priority Plan that determines the hours of service on each highway section in the state. The more traffic a highway carries, the higher priority it is for clearing snow and ice. Some highways that carry very little traffic only get plowed after the busier highways have been cleared.


9. What kinds of chemicals does WYDOT use to clear snow and ice from highways?

A mixture of sand and salt is still the option WYDOT uses most frequently to improve traction on snowy and icy highways. However the department also uses a variety of other chemical treatments whenever conditions indicate they will help traffic move safely. In some cases the sand-salt mixture is sprayed with liquid magnesium chloride or brine to help it stick to the road. Maintenance crews also use brine and beet juice and sometimes a combination of the two to help prevent the formation of ice on the road or help break up ice already on the road.


10. How does WYDOT award contracts for highway construction projects?

The department seeks sealed bids from qualified contractors for completing the needed work. The Wyoming Transportation Commission then awards the contract for the project to the qualified contractor submitting the bid to do the work for the lowest cost.


11. Why does WYDOT award contracts for work on Wyoming highways to contractors from other states?

Federal law requires contracts for work on federally-funded highway projects be awarded to the qualified contractor submitting the bid to complete the work for the lowest price. On state-funded projects, state law allows WYDOT to give Wyoming contractors a 5 percent preference when determining the lowest qualified bidder. In other words, a Wyoming contractor can get the contract, even if its bid is 5 percent higher than the lowest bid from an out-of-state contractor.

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