Wyoming Department of Transportation

WYDOT Authorized Travel program open for applications

Date: 08/23/2013 


The Wyoming Department of Transportation is accepting applications for the 2013-2014 WYDOT Authorized Travel program.

The program gives approved drivers permission, when conditions allow, to drive on portions of otherwise closed highways. It is designed to help people travel between home and work, school, medical appointments and agricultural property.

Road closures are necessary to ensure the safety of travelers, but the closure points are limited to where WYDOT has gates to block traffic. That means portions of a closed highway may be passable when the closure is due to a traffic crash or storm miles from the nearest road closure gate.

Through WAT, if a driver’s destination is between the closure point and the impassable portion of the road, he or she can receive permission to travel. WAT does not give permission to travel on every closed road or to travel during every road closure. Permission to travel is granted based on current conditions.

Driving on a closed road without permission carries a maximum possible penalty of a $750 fine and 30 days in jail.

Because of changes in the WAT program this year, drivers are encouraged to sign up early. Previously drivers have been able to call Wyoming Highway Patrol Dispatch for permission to drive on closed roads. That will no longer be an option. Instead, drivers should go to the WAT website and fill out the application.

The WAT application process requires drivers to submit a description of their vehicles, the road sections they need to use, justification for travel and their driver license number. To apply, go to https://wat.wyoroad.info.

Applications are reviewed by the Wyoming Highway Patrol, and, if accepted, drivers are subscribed to receive email messages when they are authorized to travel on sections of closed roads.

Participants also can use a telephone call-in system to find out whether any WAT alerts are in effect.

Those without Internet access can call WYDOT Public Affairs at 777-4375 to request a WAT program application.

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