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Fiscal Year 2017 Applications

WYDOT Transit Application Guidelines

  • Fiscal Year 2017 Applications

    Applications for fiscal year 2017 were dispersed in April 2016 and are due May 17, 2016 at 12 p.m. MST.

    Applications for fiscal year 2018 will not be available until April 2017.

    Each year, Local Government Coordination staff solicits applications for transit funding. This funding is apportioned on a yearly basis for fiscal year starting on Oct. 1 and ending on Sept. 30.

    ***New for FY 2017 - All applications for Federal Transit funding will be administered through WYDOT's BlackCat Grant Management database. Current agencies enrolled in the WYDOT Transportation program should go directly into the BlackCat Grant Management database and fill out their FY 2017 applications. Any new agency applying for funding should contact the WYDOT Local Government Transit staff for assistance:

    Office of Local Government Coordination

    Transit Program – Planning Building, Room #215

    5300 Bishop Boulevard

    Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340

    Phone: (307) 777-4438 or 777-4181

    Fax: (307) 777-4759


    *** Beginning in FY 2015, it has been determined any NON-ADA vehicle will be funded at a 50 percent match. ADA vehicles will have either a wheelchair ramp or lift.

    ***The 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities Grant is a discretionary program provided for under MAP-21 and may not continue in FY 2017.

    Estimated FY 2017 Funding Amounts are as follows:

    • Section 5311 – $5,088,047
    • Section 5310 – $434,728
    • Section 5339 – $1,956,645
    • Section 5305e (formerly Section 5304) Planning - $112,388


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