FTA Section 5316 - Job Access / Reverse Commute

Purpose: Improve access to employment and employment related activities for low-income individuals and welfare recipients through transportation services.

Overview: Eligible uses include: Capital, planning and operating assistance that target low-income individuals to provide transportation to employment and employment related activities as well as facilitate reverse commuting. 

Program Features & Facts:

· Eligible Activities include late-night / weekend service, guaranteed ride home programs, work shuttle services, expanding existing fixed route transportation and ridesharing /carpooling activities.

· 10 percent of the apportionment may be used for program administration to include planning and technical assistance.

· Capital and planning match is 80/20

· Operating match is 50/50.

· All match funds must come from sources other than Federal DOT funds. Federal funds from other agencies, for example Department of Health and Human Services, may be an eligible match for this program.

· All projects must be selected through a competitive process.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

The State of Wyoming received about $9.3 million from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for Capital Assistance to transit systems in the state. WYDOT will administer about $7 million to assist transit programs statewide. The remaining $2.3 million will be split among the urban communities of Casper and Cheyenne based upon the FTA formula for Urbanized Area Transit Funding. 

ARRA Recipient List