Wyoming Department of Transportation

No Light Trailers Advisories


WYDOT posts "No Light Trailers" advisories when the wind gusts are greater than 50 mph.

When "No Light Trailers" advisories are in effect they will be posted on WYDOT's
511 Travel Information page and on electronic message signs on the highway.

There is no statutory definition of what a light trailer is because it depends on the size and profile of the trailer. There is no specific research that shows at what wind speeds and what load weights vehicles will blow over. Therefore, WYDOT cannot provide a specific weight or wind speed that will cause a blow over. Drivers must use their own judgment on whether their vehicles are too light to safely travel in high-wind conditions.

This advisory pertains to trailers of any size, both commercial and non-commercial, and to other vehicles such as recreational vehicles that have a profile subject to being caught by wind gusts.

Drivers of such vehicles are advised not to travel when a "No Light Trailers' advisory is posted, because strong wind gusts could result in the loss of control of their vehicle or the potential for their vehicle to blow over. Blow-overs of light trailers are very common in Wyoming.

Controlling a vehicle during a strong wind event can be even more difficult when roads are slick.

Any driver who fails to comply with a "No Light Trailer" advisory and is involved in a crash may be subject to a fine and can expect to pay the cleanup costs and fees associated with repairing any damage caused to public or private property.

Closure to Light, High Profile Vehicles


If wind gusts reach 65 mph or higher, highway sections will be closed to light, high-profile vehicles.

When "No Light Trailers" advisories are in effect they will be posted on WYDOT's 
511 Travel Information page and on electronic message signs on the highway.

The closures are targeted at vehicles that are prone to being blown over such as recreational vehicles, moving vans and empty or lightly loaded commercial vehicles, but smaller vehicles pulling trailers are also included in this restriction.

Drivers of vehicles that fail to heed this type of closure will be considered in violation of Wyoming Statute 24-1-109 and be subject to a fine of not more than $750 and up to 30 days in jail.

Research shows that when wind gusts exceed 65 mph, there is almost certainty that multiple vehicles will be blown over or be involved in a loss of control type of crash. These crashes most often result in debris on the highway that results in a road closure to all vehicles.

Drivers involved in a blow-over crash during one of these closures may be subject to a fine and repayment of cleanup costs.

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