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Seat belt use saves lives in Fremont County bus crash

Date: 02/04/2014 


January 28, 2014

Seat belt use saves lives in Fremont County bus crash
Bob Potter of Riverton wears his seat belt every time he drives, and that decision saved his life the the lives of his passengers on Jan. 5 south of Lander.
Potter, 61, is a Wind River Transportation Authority bus driver.
Potter was transporting three passengers on Red Canyon Road (Fremont County Road 235) south of Lander when the WRTA bus he was driving slid off the road. The bus rolled at least once after it left the roadway.
"The roads were slick with icy conditions, and they were snow-packed," Potter remembers.
Potter and his passengers emerged from the crash no injuries except for a few bumps, bruises and scratches.
WRTA radio dispatcher Teri Osborne nominated Potter for the seat-belt survivor award. "Even though WRTA is not allowed to require seat belt usage from its passengers, other than the school-aged children that we transport, the bus drivers have been diligent in asking passengers to buckle up on days when the roads are slick. The incident on Jan. 5 just validated their reasoning for doing so," Osborne said.

"I'm even more cautious these days operating my vehicle and looking out for other drivers and their vehicles," Potter said. "This crash was severe, but wearing my seat belt saved me from having any injuries."

Potter, and his wife, Brandii Potter, have nine grandchildren.
"Seat belts are designed to retain the individual in his or her seat, and to prevent that person from being ejected from the vehicle," Potter said. "Please buckle your seat belt."
Fremont County's seat-belt survivor recognition program is sponsored by Injury Prevention Resources, Wyoming Highway Patrol, Fremont County Sheriff's Office, and Wyoming Department of Transportation. Other seat belt survivor stories are welcomed by emailing or calling Tom Cunningham at Injury Prevention Resources at tcunningham@wyoming.com or (307) 856-2821.
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