5307 Urbanized Area Formula Assistance Program

The Urbanized Area Assistance Program is a formula grant program from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) also known as Section 5307. These formula grants are utilized to support the development, maintenance and improvement of public transportation in areas with a population greater than 50,000.

Annually, the FTA distributes funds based on a population ratio and are allocated to communities upon governor approval. In Wyoming, only Casper and Cheyenne are eligible for this program. In Wyoming, the transit providers are either directly or indirectly under management of their city government.

§ 5307 funds may be used for administrative, operations and capital costs within the transit program. Administrative costs are eligible for an 80 percent federal share and include salaries for project director, secretary and bookkeeper, office supplies and marketing costs. Operations costs are eligible for 50 percent federal share and include costs of driver's salaries, mechanic and dispatcher salaries as well as fuel, oil and replacement tire costs. Capital costs are eligible for 80 percent federal share and include vehicle purchase, facility construction and other categories as defined by the FTA.

Contact information:

WYDOT does not manage the § 5307 Program. For information about the transit programs in Cheyenne and Casper, please contact: 

Casper  Cheyenne
(307) 265-1313 (307) 638-6383
http://catcbus.com/ www.cheyennecity.org/


FTA Section 5303 - Metropolitan Planning Grant

Purpose: Planning funds for metropolitan areas are meant to foster the development of coordinated community and regional transit planning.

Overview: Metropolitan planning funds are provided to Casper and Cheyenne and are annually part of their apportionment. WYDOT is only involved as a “reviewer” for these monies.

Program Features and Facts:

  • Section 5303 is handled by the municipalities and is only reviewed by WYDOT in publication form. 
  • Municipalities access these planning funds with an 80/20 match.