Discretionary Grants

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) also created direct-to-user grants not managed by federal or state agencies. The aspects of these grants include a competitive program to deploy publicly accessible EV, hydrogen, propane and natural gas fueling infrastructure.

Guidance from the Federal Government regarding the discretionary grants is expected sometime this year, please check back for updates. 

Eligible applicants may include state and local governments, special purpose districts, tribes and other groups or entities. These grants may also aid in the statewide creation of the EV infrastructure and in conjunction with the NEVI corridor build out managed by WYDOT. 

For more information, contact WYDOT.


Volkswagen Settlement Money

 After violating the Clean Air Act, Volkswagen was required to pay a settlement to each state; Wyoming received $1.2 million. Funds will be available as a grant managed by the ZEV Working Group.

The ZEV strategy currently recommends using the funds for off-corridor use to supplement NEVI on-corridor stations.These funds can be used for more charging options, including lower level charging stations, which take longer to charge a vehicle than a level 3 charing station. These grants would have up to a 50/50 match. More information will be released, check back soon!