Commissioners Have Numerous Duties

The commission adopts general rules and regulations for WYDOT, including those for publishing notices to bidders, awarding contracts, and determining bidder qualifications and responsibilities. The commission awards all contracts for any improvements undertaken with monies from the State Highway Fund. All improvements costing more than $100,000 must be advertised to the public and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. When, in the commission’s opinion, an emergency exists, it has the power to grant the director authority to enter into contracts for emergency work without advertising for amounts up to $500,000.

The commission is authorized to enter into contracts and agreements with the U. S. government relating to road construction and maintenance under the provisions of any of the various laws enacted by Congress. The commission also has the power to designate state highways and enter into cooperative agreements with cities, counties, and other agencies for construction and maintenance of streets and roads. It also has the authority to acquire – by condemnation, purchase, or gift – title to land for use in road building or maintenance and to dispose of property no longer needed.

The commission must approve all purchases of equipment, materials or supplies. All purchases of motor vehicles or highway equipment, regardless of price, must be also approved by the Commission.