October 21, 2021

Commission Business Meeting
8:30 a.m., via Zoom

Video conference option:
Webinar ID: 845 7060 5817
Passcode: 445143


Meeting Agenda

1.      Pledge of Allegiance

2.      Changes/Additions to Agenda

3.      Minutes

         A.  September 16, 2021 Business Meeting

         B.  September 16, 2021 Education Session

4.      Correspondence

5.      Old Business

         A. Commission Member Status

         B. Rest Stop Funding Reimbursement

         C. Transportation Needs Survey

D. Councilman Laybourn Request-Visit to   Crow Creek Bridge

6.      Director’s Report

7.      Chief Financial Officer’s Report

         A.  Monthly Budget Report

         B.  Procurement Services Bids

         C.    McGee, Hearne, & Paiz Pre-Audit     Presentation

8.      Chief Engineer’s Report

         A.  FHWA Report

         B.  Engineering and Planning Report

              i)     Award of Highway Contracts

       ii)    STIP Amendment

C.  Operations Report

      9.      Highway Patrol Report

10.   Aeronautics Report

11.   Support Services Report

12.   Chief Technology Officer’s Report

13.   November Commission Meeting & Activities

14.   General Matters

         A.  Legislator Comments

         B.  Commissioner Comments

15.   Executive Session (if needed)

16.   Adjourn

October 21, 2021 Transportation Commission Meeting Documents (8.07  MB)