Commission formed in 1917

The Wyoming Legislature created the Wyoming Highway Commission in 1917, at the same time the Wyoming Highway Department was formed. The original commission consisted of five members, representing each of the original five judicial districts in the state. When two more judicial districts were formed in 1950, two commissioners were added. Today, the commission membership remains at seven despite the addition of still more judicial districts. Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Wyoming State Senate.

Until state government reorganization in 1991, the commission controlled all the Highway Department's budget and named the superintendent and chief engineer (as the top administrator was then known). Reorganization changed the agency’s name to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) and enlarged the scope of the agency's duties. Concurrently, the commission became the Transportation Commission of Wyoming.  Commission duties were altered as well.

The administrative portion of the budget is now under legislative control, and the Governor appoints the director. The Legislature retains control of the budgets for the agencies merged with the Department of Transportation. These entities include Aeronautics, the transportation portions of Revenue and Taxation and the Public Safety Communications Commission, the ports of entry, and the Highway Patrol. The Patrol has always been a part of the Department, but its budget was, and remains, legislatively controlled.