Wyoming Aeronautics Commission Aviation Encouragement Program


The Wyoming Aeronautics Commission, in an effort to promote aviation throughout the State of Wyoming and increase the public’s awareness of aviation, will give airport aid for activities which promote interest in community airports, encourage private flying or aid in the expansion of commercial air service in the community.


The Commission encourages the airport to seek local sponsorships and donations, but will require no local matching funds for events which promote the airport or aviation and meet all or part of the following criteria:

  • Promotes interest and enthusiasm for aviation
  • Provides opportunity for aviation education events or programs
  • Provides information of the local facility and surrounding area to the public
  • Enables opportunity for the public to further explore and understand the economic and social benefits of the local facility.
  • Promotes aviation and airport safety to aviators and the general public
  • Encourages further use and/or development of the airports
  • Encourages current or new commercial air service providers to expand service levels at the airport

Expenses not approved as part of the scope of work at time of request for state aid will not be approved for reimbursement. No employee’s wages or incentives given to the public for participation in activities will be considered for reimbursement. State funds cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol.

Application for state aid may be made at any time during the state fiscal year up to one (1) month prior to activity date. No expenses incurred prior to grant daye will be eligible for reimbursement. All grants issued under this policy shall be closed prior to the end of the WYDOT fiscal year in which the funds were requested unless otherwise approved by the Division.