Reuel T. Call

1908 - 2002

Reuel was born January 29, 1908, in Afton, and graduated from Star Valley High School there.

He received flying instruction from Vern Carter of Ogden, Utah, and soloed in Boise, Idaho, flying an Aeronca C-1, a single-seater aircraft. He received his flying certificate in 1932.

He was a private pilot, with a multi-engine rating, and an aircraft mechanic with A&E and A&P ratings.

From 1932 to 1984, he flew an Aeronca C-1, 135 hours; Curtis, Jr., 210 hours; Heath Parasol, 2 hours; Fleet Trainer, 7 hours; Travel Air, 10 hours; Waco Standard, 440 hours; Fairchild 24, 365 hours; Aeronca C-3, 80 hours; Piper J-3, 380 hours; CallAirs A-2 and A-3 , 39 hours; CallAir Cadet, 1,200 hours; Bonanza (Six), 6,940 hours; Beech Staggerwing, 160 hours; E-55 Baron, 1,300 hours; P Baron, 1,480 hours; KingAir, 35 hours; and in 1985, a Piper Cheyenne, 1,166 hours; a Taylorcraft, 315 hours. In 1986-87, Reuel flew his Cheyenne 220 hours; 1988-89, 194 hours; in 1990, 119 hours; in 1991, 200 hours; in 1992, 180 hours; in 1993, 160 hours; and in 1994, 129 hours; for a total of 19,577 flying hours.

He founded Call Aircraft Co. in Afton and operated it from 1937 to 1962. He designed and built CallAir aircraft cabin and agricultural models, designed and built airplane snow skis and CallAir Snowcars, propelled by an aircraft engine and propeller. In 1939, he built and flew the first CallAir cabin model aircraft. The type certificate was issued December 7, 1941.

He also founded the CallAir Founda­tion and built the CallAir Museum, an aviation museum offering free admission to the public. The Foundation sponsors annual fly-ins and the celebration of Star Valley Aviation Days on the last weekend of June each year.

The state of Idaho gave Call an award for 25 years and 3 million miles without an acci­dent or violation.

Call died on Sept. 24, 2002.