TO SCHEDULE A FLIGHT: Please call Flight Scheduling at (307) 777-3951, or see the links below for the daily aircraft flight schedule, and detailed information on how to schedule a flight. 


The Flight Operations Program is responsible for the state-owned aircraft and for providing air transportation service to elected officials, members of public boards and commissions, and state agency employees performing official state business.  They operate two (2) Cessna Citation Encores for passenger travel, and are the custodian for one (1) Cessna Caravan, which is operated by WYDOT's Photogrammetry and Surveys program.

The aircraft are hangared and maintained in a state-owned hangar at the Cheyenne Regional Airport.  This hangar is a key component of the daily operation, as it serves as both passenger terminal and the fueling center for the state's aircraft. 

Flight Operations Personnel can be contacted at (307) 777-3951 during regular business hours.

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