Commercial Service Airports

These airports service major populations, economic centers, and areas of tourism providng a connection to national and global economies and are designed to accomodate commercial air service and business general aviation acitivity consistent with user demand. 


The following airports are identified as Commercial Service Airports

  • Casper/Natrona County International Airport (CPR)
  • Cheyenne Regional Airport (CYS)
  • Yellowstone Regional Airport (COD)
  • Gillette-Campbell County Airport (GCC)
  • Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)
  • Laramie Regional Airport (LAR)
  • Riverton Regional Airport (RIW)
  • Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport (RKS)
  • Sheridan County Airport (SHR)

Business Airports

These airports service multi-county areas and economic centers providing a connection to state and national economies and are intended to accomodate larger business jet activity and support tourism and recreational demand.


The following airports are identified as Business Airports in the state of Wyoming

  • Afton Municipal Airport (AFO)
  • Johnson County Airport (BYG)
  • Converse County Airport (DGW)
  • Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field (EVW)
  • South Big Horn County Airprot (GEY)
  • Hunt Field (LND)
  • Ralph Wenz Field (PNA)
  • Rawlins Municipal Airport (RWL)
  • Shively Field (SAA)
  • Torrington Municipal Airport (TOR)
  • Worland Municipal Airport (WRL)

Intermediate Airports

These airports serve counties and medium to small communities to support local economies that are intended to accommodate medium to small business jet activity and recreational users. 


The following airports are identified as Intermediate Airports in the state of Wyoming

  • Miley Memorial Field (BPI)
  • Dubois Municipal Airport (DUB)
  • Fort Bridger Airport (FBR)
  • Camp Guernsey (GUR)
  • Kemmerer Municipal Airport (EMM)
  • Mondell Field (ECS)
  • Pine Bluffs Municipal Airport (82V)
  • Powell Municipal Airport (POY)
  • Hot Springs County Airport (HSG)
  • Phifer Airfield (EAN)


These airports serve smaller communities and have the basic facilities intended to accommodate recreational users and support emergency use. Local airports are divided into paved and non-paved airports.


The following airports are identified as Local Airports in the state of Wyoming


  • North Big Horn County Airport (U68)
  • Dixon Airport (DWX)
  • Hulett Municipal Airport (W43)
  • Lusk Municipal Airport (LSK)


  • Cokeville Municipal Airport (U06)
  • Thomas Memorial Airport (76V)
  • Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport (48U)
  • Medicine Bow Airport (80V)
  • Shoshoni Municipal Airport (49U)
  • Upton Municipal Airport (83V)
2016 Wyoming Statewide Aviation System Plan (21.9  MB)