The Highway Safety Data Analysis section is responsible for supplying crash data and crash data analysis to various safety partners, as well as providing management, contract administration, supervision, and technical assistance to support the Program's goal of reducing the frequency and severity of highway crashes. 






Keri Bohlmann
Safety Management Engineer
(307) 777-4257 


Kari Fictum
Lead Records and Data
Management Analyst
(307) 777-4258 

Melinda Harmon
Records and Data
Management Analyst
(307) 777-3910 

Tara Grube
Records and Data
Management Specialist II
(307) 777-4274 


If you would like to obtain crash data that is not available in the current publications or through the standard crash data reporting tool, you may submit a crash data request.  To submit a crash data request use the link provided below and follow these recommendations:

  1. Include your full name, title, and business or organization name.
  2. Provide a brief description of the research you are conducting, the specific crash data you would like to review, and the timeframe for this crash data (example: range of years).
  3. Give a requested deadline for the data.  Please allow approximately 10 business days to receive your requested data.  While you will likely receive requested data within a few days, data turnaround time is dependent on our current reporting queue and the complexity of the request.

PLEASE DO NOT ADJUST THE DROP DOWN OPTION WHEN USING THE LINK BELOW.  Adjusting the drop down option will cause your request to get sent elsewhere in the WYDOT organization and we may never receive it.

Submit a Query for Crash Data Information