Motorcycle Safety Classes

Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course (BRC) was developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The course is designed for those who have little or no riding experience, although most experienced riders will also benefit from the course. It contains approximately 16 hours of instruction, including a 5 hour online eCourse, and approximately 11 hourse on-cycle training. On the first day of your class, you'll have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the motorcycle with a low risk, hands on exercise. On day 2 of class you will practice skills and be given the opportunity to complete a skill evaluation. Motorcycles will be provided to use during the course. Successful completion of this course will allow a waiver of all testing requirements for a Class M endorsement provided your completion card is presented to a Wyoming drivers services within two years of course date.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be at least 15 years old on the day the course begins.

  • Be able to ride a bicycle. This course is not designed to teach balance or coordination. Students with balance or coordination problems may find this course prohibitively difficult.

  • Wear proper protective clothing during the on-cycle instruction, including:

    • A helmet that meets U.S. DOT standards (one will be provided if you don't have your own)
    • Eye protection (face shield or glasses)
    • Over-the-ankle sturdy footwear
    • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket (to your wrist)
    • Long, nonflare denim pants or equivalent with no skin exposed. 
    • Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather
  • Have your parent's written permission to attend the course if under 18.

The fee for the course is $50 for Wyoming residents and $150 for non-residents.

You can view a schedule of classes and locations and register for a class online,  or call 307-777-4874.

Check out General Information about attending class and print out a waiver before class.

Class availability can change quickly, so continue to check the website often if your preferred class is full.

Walk-ins will be accepted on a first come first serve basis and a walk in status individual must complete the eCourse by the end of day two of class. Class begins promptly at 8:00 AM. Any student arriving after this time will be turned away. 

Skills Practice Dates 2024- check back for updates

The skills practice dates will be announced by May 2024.

This opportunity is designed for those who have successfully completed the Basic RiderCourse in Wyoming within the last year. The skills practice will contain approximately 3-4 hours of on-cycle instruction using the the excercises from Day 2 of the BRC. Students will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and will be using WYDOT owned motorcycles. There will not be a fee for scheduled skill practice days. 

To qualify for a course, you must:

  • Successfully demonstrate Low Speed Control (Exercise 1) and the objectives of subsequent exercises to continue in skill practice. 
    • Note: The Rider Coach Instructor of the course is responsible for making this determination.
  • Have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement or a BRC completion card issued within the previous year by a Wyoming motorcycle safety instructor. 
  • If under 18 years of age, provide written permission from legal guardian to attend the course.
  • If you do wish to provide your own motorcycle for the course it must meet the following:
    • It must meet all requirements for street operation, including proper registration.
    • It must pass a safety inspection by the course instructors.
    • It must be properly insured, and you must provide proof of insurance at the course.

All particpating students must wear proper protective clothing during the range exercises, including:

  • A helmet that meets U.S. DOT standards.
  • Eye protection (face shield or glasses)
  • Over-the-ankle sturdy footwear
  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long, non-flare denim pants or equivalent
  • Full-fingered gloves, preferably leather