Adding or Changing Information

Adding or changing information on your Wyoming driver license/ID card may require that you present documentation supporting the addition or change.  It may be necessary that you appear in person at your local exam office.

Address Change:

Wyoming State Statute W.S. 31-7-137 mandates that when a holder of a Wyoming driver's license or identification card changes their mailing address, residence, or their name, they must notify WYDOT Driver Services within 10 days.  This notification authorizes Driver Services to update our database with your new information, however, you will need to apply in person if you desire an updated driver license/ID card.

Update your information online by entering the information here, or by printing and completing the Notice of Change of Address  form and fax it to (307) 777-3823 or mail to:

Wyoming Department of Transportation
Driver Services Program
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-3340

If you wish the new address to show on your license or ID card, you may surrender your current license or ID card at the nearest driver exam office and complete a new application form. A new license valid for four years, or ID card, will be issued to you. You will be charged the standard renewal fee. The new license or ID card will be mailed to you in approximately four weeks.

Name Changes:

You are required to appear in person at any Wyoming driver exam office, surrender your current Wyoming license or ID card, and present legal proof of the change in name; such as a court order, marriage certificate, divorce decree (that indicates you are taking back your maiden or other name) or other legal verification of a name change signed by a judge.

NOTE:   If you have not changed your name with the Social Security Administration, you will need to do so. Your new name and date of birth must be verified with SSA in order for us to issue you a revised driver's license or identification card. When the verification is run through SSA and there is not a "match", you will be required to present your social security card with the new name on it, along with legal verification of your changed name. 

You will be re-photographed, and a your new signature will be captured. You will be charged the standard renewal fee. The new license (valid for five years) or ID card will be mailed to you in approximately 4-6 weeks.

Gender Designation:

An applicant requesting to change the gender designation on their driver's license or identification card from what appears on the proof of identity documents they are presenting, must complete and submit the Gender Designation Change Request from. The form is completed by both the driver and a licensed medical physician or Social Services provider. If the applicant wishes to change their name they will need to present a court order for the name change or an amended birth certificate with their new name. The name needs to be changed with Social Security Administration before the driver license of identification card can be issued.

Organ Donor Status Changes:

  1. Appear in person at your local exam station; complete a new application form indicating the change in donor status.  You will be issued a new driver license or ID card for the renewal fee; or
  2. Go to the Donor Alliance Web site and change your organ donor status there.  This change will not be reflected on your driver license or ID card, however.