General Forms

Affidavit of Competency 
Use this form when applying for a "Z" Endorsement to verify driving competency.

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Certification 
Use this form to certify that a minor driver has completed the required 50 hours of driving per W.S. 31-7-110 (g). You may use the optional "Behind-the-Wheel Driving Log" form to track driving hours.

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Log 
Use this optional form to keep track of driving hours. Please use the "Behind-the-Wheel Driving Certification" form to certify driving hours for a minor.

Driving Record Request Form  
Use this form to request a driving record. It may be used to request a copy of your own driving record, to authorize the release of your driving record to another party or for an agency to request a driving record.

Forwarding Request Form 
Use this form to authorize the Department to forward your driver license/ID card to a specified address.

Intermediate Permit Driving Exception Form 
Use this exception form to allow an intermediate permit holder to drive outside the permit restrictions.

Next of Kin (Emergency Contact) Change Form 
Use this form to request a change in your current next of kin (emergency contact) designation information. NOTE: You must appear in person to add the next of kin designation to your driver license/ID card.

Notice of Change of Address 
This notification authorizes Driver Services to update our database with your new address(es), however, you will need to apply in person and pay the appropriate fees if you desire an updated driver license or identification card.

Veteran Status Verification 

Gender Change Form


Wyoming Driver License Application

Use this form to apply for a new (or to renew) a Wyoming Driver License.

Identification Card Application 

Use this form to apply for a new (or to renew) a Identification Card.

Wyoming Commercial Driver License

"Use this form to apply for a new (or to renew) a Wyoming Commercial Driver Licenses or Commercial Learner Permit".

Restricted (Hardship) Driver License/Permit Application 

This document contains the instructions and forms needed to apply for a Restricted Class "RC" or "RM" Driver License (Hardship License).