BRASS-TRUSS™– Version 2.4 – October 2018


The Working Stress Analysis (WSD) portions of BRASS-TRUSS™ are current with the AASHTO Specifications for Highway Bridges, 16th Edition, 1996, with Interims.

BRASS-TRUSS™ is a system of computer programs designed to assist a bridge engineer in the analysis and load rating of simple or continuous truss or girder bridges with floor beams and stringers. It generates properties, computes truss coordinates and weights, analyzes each simple or continuous span for dead-load and live-load moments and shears, and determines the structural rating for each type of member submitted. This component was originally developed by the New York Department of Transportation.

BRASS-TRUSS™ has been developed and distributed through a cooperative effort between the WYDOT and the New York State DOT. It has been extensively tested by the New York State DOT.

System Requirements

Operating System                           Microsoft Windows™  7, 8 , 8.1 or 10
Microprocessor                                Pentium IV or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework             4.6.1
Memory                                              16 MB required, more is better 
Hard Disk Space                                Approximately 12 MB
Disk Drive                                            DVD drive