User Support
Contact  BRASS Purchases and Billing  or phone (307) 777-4489 and select option 3 for upgrading, purchasing or licensing assistance. 
Licensed users may contact Technical Support through our issue tracking system, WYDOT-BRASS, found at   Users can request an account by clicking on the "New Account" link/button and following the instructions. A username and password will be created and sent to the user.
WYDOT-BRASS allows licensed users to log technical support issues directly into our system and upload files to support their concerns.  An incident is created and the system automatically sends e-mails when changes are made to the incident, i.e., the incident is assigned to a programmer, comments are added, files are attached, the issue is resolved, etc.  Users only receive e-mails pertaining to the issues that they submit and those for which they are on the CC list.
When an incident is logged, Status will initially be set to NEW.  Technical Support will acknowledge the incident and set the Status to ASSIGNED while the incident is being investigated and/or addressed.  Once the incident has been addressed, Technical Support will set the Status to RESOLVED.  If the user is satisfied with the resolution, he or she should change the Status to VERIFIED.  However, if the user is not satisfied with the Technical Support response or action, he or she is encouraged to change the Status to REOPENED.  In some instances, the user may have to wait to verify an incident until he or she receives a beta version or the next release.
Please use this system for correspondence regarding technical support issues.  The use of this system allows consistent documentation of all issues, allows other users to view issues and associated answers/solutions, and simplifies work flow tracking.  
Include your company’s name and location when requesting assistance.
Frequently Asked Questions
On what operating systems does BRASS run?
See system requirements for each program.
What type of computer hardware is needed to run BRASS?
See system requirements for each program.
Where can I get BRASS programs, manuals and updates?
BRASS can be obtained by contacting:
Mr. Paul G. Cortez, P.E.
Assistant State Bridge Engineer - Operations
Mr. Benoit P. Cordoba, P.E.
Principal Bridge Engineer

Wyoming Department of Transportation
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340
Phone: (307) 777-4489
FAX: (307) 777-4279

When ordering BRASS, simply mail, e-mail, or fax a request to Mr. Cortez or Mr. Schaefer. Include which programs you are ordering, your contact information, and how you wish to pay for the program. You may either send a check, send a purchase order, or request an invoice be sent with the software.  One year of free technical support and program upgrades are included with purchase.

Licensed users may download BRASS programs, manuals and updates from the BRASS FTP server.  A complete set of "downloading instructions" are enclosed with the software CD. BRASS programs and manuals are distributed as "installation" executables on the FTP server.

Why can't I download updates from the FTP server? 
Nearly all problems users encounter when trying to download updates from the FTP server are caused by firewalls at their home office. Be sure to contact your local system administrator first when encountering problems. On a rare occasion, the FTP server goes down and you may want to try again later. Remember, only licensed users who have been paying their annual maintenance fee are given the FTP server password.