Bridges on Public Roads

Wyoming Statute 24-1-132 establishes, in part, provisions for all bridges to be built on public roads not under the administration of the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

"As used in this section a bridge is a structure, including supports, erected over a depression or an obstruction, such as water, highway or railway, having a track or passageway for carrying traffic or other moving loads and having an opening measured along the center of the roadway of more than twenty (20) feet between undercopings of abutments, or spring lines of arches, or extreme ends of openings for multiple barrel box culverts.  It may include multiple pipes, where the clear distance between openings is less than one-half (1/2) of the smaller contiguous opening."

"All bridges to be constructed shall be designed by a professional engineer who holds a valid license granted by the Wyoming board of professional engineers and professional land surveyors."

"Within ninety (90) days of the bridge being opened to traffic the board of county commissioners or governing body of the city or town shall notify and provide the design, plans, specifications and load rating for the bridge to the chief engineer of the department of transportation so that the department may comply with national bridge inspection standards."

New structures will be included in the FHWA National Bridge Inventory (NBI). To meet Wyoming Statute and federal requirements, please submit to WYDOT the following information within ninety (90) days of the bridge being opened to traffic:

  • Design calculations, plans, and specifications
  • Load rating for all WYDOT Load Rating Trucks
  • Geotechnical report
  • Hydraulic report (if new structure spans a waterway).  The report will need to include scour elevations for the design, 100 year, and 500 year events
  • Ensure all submittals are stamped by a Wyoming registered professional engineer

Although, Wyoming Statute 24-2-106 no longer requires WYDOT to review and approve bridges to be built on public roads not under its administration, this office is still available to answer questions and/or provide a cursory review if desired.

Send the necessary submittals to:

Michael E. Menghini, P.E. State Bridge Engineer
Wyoming Department of Transportation Bridge Program
5300 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, WY 82009
(307) 777-4427